One Table

Design Louise Mengel

The title of this table series is One Table, which refers to it being the first design made by Louise Mengel Tygesen. The simple look is complemented by the characteristic cork feet giving the tables their unique identity. The tables are ideal as extension tables and may contribute extra finesse to the general design.

The inspiration comes from matchstick animals. Not a revolutionising design, but an everyday item recognised by all and suddenly emerging in a design context. One Table is simple design with a twist.

The table top of One Table is made of 21mm plywood and is available with black linoleum or white laminate. The legs are made of solid oak Ø28mm and the cork feet are turned.

One Table is available in two sizes and three different heights.

Diameter: Ø45cm and Ø60cm

Height: 40cm, 45cm and 50cm