Nam Nam Classic Bar Stool

Design HolmbäckNordentoft

The Nam Nam Classic Chair and Barstool series is designed by the
duo HolmbäckNordentoft and named after the restaurant, for which is has been designed.

HolmbäckNordentoft on the design:
‘The inspiration for the Nam Nam Classic Bar Stool is purely Asian. In keeping with the ancient method of tying together bamboo sticks, we have positioned the legs and supports of the frame next to one another in order to make a stable and robust construction while also giving the chair its own characteristic look. The Bar Stool consists of three main parts which, in various colours, can be combined in countless ways.’

The Nam Nam Classic Bar Stool consists of a moulded seat made of treated or painted veneer.
The seat is available in a variety of colours.
The moulded seat is penetrated by four buttons available in a variety of colours or brass providing a striking detail.
The seat is also avaible in a Black leather edition.
The tubular and wire frame has been given a textured powder-coated finish available in a variety of colours.

Optional anti-theft floor mounting bracket possible.

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